Watch: Dramatic videos emerge as Hurricane Ian pummels Florida
Hurricane Ian water rescue / Naples Fire-Rescue Department screengrabs

Hurricane Ian struck Florida on Wednesday as a powerful Category 4 storm with massive storm surge, devastating winds, and excessive rains.

"The storm put Fort Myers directly in its path after straying eastward from initial forecasts and is currently a Category 4 hurricane. The National Hurricane Center forecasts a life-threatening 12-to-16-foot storm surge from Engelwood to Bonita Beach," the Fort Myers News-Press reported.

On Facebook, the Naples Fire-Rescue Department posted a video of a water rescue outside a flooded firehouse.

The video shows multiple first responders escorting a woman through chest-deep water.

Firefighters had to push an engine out of the flooded station.

Meteorologist Kaitlan Wright posted video from a multi-story building in Fort Myers showing widespread devastation, with boats between flooded buildings and what appears to be multiple feet of standing water.

Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Bettes posted video of a camera six feet off the ground in Fort Myers.

Hurricane tracker Mark Sudduth also posted video from Fort Myers:

Spectrum News reporter Zach Covey warned survivors against being in the water.