White Minnesota man drags police officer beside vehicle without getting tased or killed
Twitter/screen grab

A white man in Minnesota has been arrested after he dragged a police officer beside his vehicle following a traffic stop.

In a news release on Wednesday, Hutchinson Police Chief Tom Gifferson revealed that the 61-year-old man is accused of using a piece of lumber to assault an employee at a Menards store after he was asked to wear a face mask.

According to the Star Tribune, an officer later attempted to stop the man after he was spotted at a nearby Walmart.

The report continues:

The vehicle soon stopped near Hwy. 15 and Freemont Avenue. When the officer tried to engage the suspect through the driver's side window, the suspect took off "at a high rate of speed" with the officer trapped and hanging from the window, Gifferson said. During the struggle, the suspect hit the officer in the head with a hammer, he said.

The name of the suspect was not released by Hutchinson police.

Earlier this week, a Black man named Daunte Wright was killed by police at a traffic stop in Minnesota after an officer was said to have mistaken her firearm for a Taser.

It was not immediately clear why the same level of force was not used during the Wednesday incident in Hutchinson.

Watch video of the incident below.