Former GOP Rep: Lauren Boebert's bigotry 'doesn't seem to matter to Kevin McCarthy and leading Republicans'
Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Screen Grab)

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) spoke to MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin Monday about Rep. Lauren Boebert's (R-CO) story that she told to her voters last week in which she said she feared riding on an elevator with her because she could be a suicide bomber.

Omar responded to Boebert with a tweet of her own saying that the story was a lie. She then tweeted that every time she encounters Boebert in the Capitol that the Colorado representative refuses to even look her in the eye.

Boebert then called Omar on Monday -- and Omar promptly hung up on her when Boebert demanded that Omar apologize.

In a statement, Omar said that Boebert doubled down and said that Boebert refused to apologize publicly for likening her to a suicide bomber.

Former Florida Rep. David Jolly, who left the GOP, said that it's clear Kevin McCarthy and the GOP have decided to forego any claim to moral clarity or moral leadership anymore.

"Islamaphobia is not just anti-Muslim, it's anti-American, it is antithetical to American values," Jolly continued. "But that does not seem to matter to Kevin McCarthy and leading Republicans. We know what is informing Kevin McCarthy's behavior every single day. It is about retaking the house and elevating himself to be speaker. Ayman, I do believe that Kevin McCarthy's team probably said to Boebert's team, look, either you issue a statement or we will because leadership typically will do that behind the scenes. But I don't think we should expect anything more of Kevin McCarthy in this moment. And it reflects, more broadly, on the failures of the Republican party writ large."

He went on to characterize "today's GOP" as indicative of things like racism and Islamaphobia.

An apology is "not where the heartbeat of today's Republican Party is," he explained. "The failure to call out Islamaphobia, failure to condemn this type of discrimination is ultimately anti-American... And I would also suggest this: not to be too smart about this, but it's factually incorrect what Robert said. If you look at Jan. 6th, I would suggest that the greater threat to the U.S. Capitol, as Boebert wants to describe it, came from suburban white women largely of Christian faith affiliation and from the likes of Boebert herself who declared I'm going to take my Glock to Congress. The real threat is identified by our domestic intelligence agencies come from those with white national tendencies that embrace a perverted doctrine of the Christian faith, not those who practice Islam, like Ilhan Omar does."

Earlier conversations about Boebert on MSNBC cited her own criminal history. Guests urged viewers to post and share Boebert's mugshot to focus on the true criminal.

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