Virginia man arrested at DC checkpoint with suspicious credentials -- and 500 rounds of ammo: report
Police line tape (Shutterstock)

The massive security posture in Washington, DC successfully caught one man attempting to breach the inauguration perimeter, according to a new report by NBC Washington.

"A Virginia man who showed police an unauthorized inauguration credential at a checkpoint along the perimeter securing downtown Washington, D.C., ahead of Inauguration Day was arrested after a gun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were found in his vehicle, police said. Wesley Allen Beeler, of Front Royal, pulled up to a security checkpoint at North Capitol Street and E Street Northwest about 6:30 p.m. Friday in a white Ford 150 truck with Virginia tags and gun-related decals," NBC Washington reported, citing U.S. Capitol Police records.

Beeler's truck reported had bumper stickers reading "Assault Life" and "If they come for your guns, Give 'Em your bullets first."

"A gun with a high-capacity magazine inserted and ammunition were found in the vehicle, police said. The gun was not registered in Washington, D.C., police said. Police say they also found "509 9MM rounds of hollow point & ball ammunition" and 21 12-guage shotgun shells," NBC Washington reported.

Beeler was charged with multiple gun crimes.