Indiana school faces angry backlash after 'highly offensive' Black History Month assignment
MSD of Lawrence Township on Facebook.

School officials in Indiana are apologizing for a social studies assignment at Fall Creek Valley Middle School.

"The parent of one of the Fall Creek students says they were made aware of the assignment last week. The parent says the instructor told students only to draw images of Black people picking cotton and white people working industrial jobs, something that made some of the students feel uncomfortable," WISH-TV reports. "The parent says their child and some other students in the classroom refused to participate. After class, the child felt compelled to call the parent to explain what happened and voice their frustration over the assignment. The parent says the child was offended by being forced to draw enslaved Blacks to represent the south."

The Greater Indianapolis Branch of the NAACP blasted the assignment.

“The Greater Indianapolis Branch of the NAACP is aware of the case of cultural insensitivity that occurred within the Lawrence Township schools. We find the manner in which the instructor presented the subject matter as highly offensive. She failed to consider the numerous significant contributions the African American community made to the fabric of America, even under the most arduous conditions.

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The Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township apologized for the assignment.

“The social studies assignment in question does not reflect its commitment to students and demonstrates poor judgment, and the school and district officials are involved with the teacher and the family who came forward with concerns," the district said.

Parents express concern over school's Black History Month

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