Indy FedEx shooter's family tried to get him help -- instead he got assault rifles
Indianapolis Police Department on Twitter.

New details are emerging on the man who allegedly killed eight people and injured many more at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis.

"In March 2020, Brandon Scott Hole's mother was so worried that her son might be plotting a 'suicide by cop,' that she called the FBI to report him. As a result, authorities detained him on an emergency mental-health hold and seized the shotgun he had purchased a month earlier. Investigators found no crime had been committed and that Hole did not harbor racial animus—but they did not return the shotgun to him," The Daily Beast reported Saturday evening.

"Four months later, despite his family's concerns and the previous involvement of law enforcement, the teen legally bought an assault weapon, the Indianapolis Police Department revealed on Saturday. Two months after that, he bought another assault weapon. And then on Thursday night, he brought both guns to the Indianapolis FedEx facility where he once worked and opened fire," The Beast reported.

On Saturday, Indianapolis held a vigil for the victims.