MAGA rioter told investigators that Ashli Babbitt never existed and 'statistics' prove Trump is still president
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One of the men arrested for storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 is proclaiming that the whole event was a fraud and that Ashli Babbitt doesn't even exist, legal expert Marcy Wheeler said, citing the court documents.

Philip James Weisbecker outed himself on Facebook after posting an interview between Glenn Greenwald and Fox News personality Tucker Carlson that showed photos and videos of the attack along the right side of the screen. One of those people appeared to be Weisbecker. He took a screen capture of the photo of himself on screen with the caption, "If you would like to know the truth... just ask."

But the indictment took a different turn when Weisbecker began spouting conspiracy theories that former President Donald Trump is still in office and that Ashli Babbit doesn't even exist.

"WEISBECKER talked about Ashli Babbitt, who was supposedly shot in the U.S. Capitol and was from O.B. (Ocean Beach)," the indictment reads. "WEISBECKER said she did not exist as he knew everyone from that area, and that he has asked his friends, and no one knew her. WEISBECKER asked where her [Ashli Babbitt's] funeral was. He stated it had not been here [San Diego] so she [Ashli Babbitt] was not from here [San Diego]. WEISBECKER said Babbitt was not actually her last name."

Weisbecker also said that he was at the Ellipse for Trump's two-hour speech where "there were thousands of people already surrounding the Capitol." It's not specified how he could see people surrounding the Capitol if he was over a mile away.

"He stated [President] Trump is still the president and that all the statistics showed it and that he (WEISBECKER) had researched the data," said the indictment.

He went on to blame ANTIFA for the Capitol attack and called it a "false flag" by the anti-fascist group. He claimed, "the American Patriot(s) were there to tell the Senators to do the right thing and they were standing up for their rights." It doesn't explain why he thinks that ANTIFA was behind the attack if he also said "American Patriots" were there to talk to Senators.

Read the full indictment here.