Legal expert mocks Oath Keeper insurrectionists who thought they could protect themselves using encrypted apps

Legal expert Marcy Wheeler hilariously mocked the Capitol insurrectionists who planned their attack through encrypted apps, while then making their travel plans using their actual contact information.

In a commentary thread on Twitter looking at the indictment paperwork of Laura Steele and Graydon Young, Wheeler noted that some in their group would use the tactic of hand-writing in cursive and attaching it as a photo in an email. It didn't matter, the authorities were still able to obtain the evidence of their planning of the attack.

She noted that Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer's cooperation with authorities likely helped lead to some of the evidence uncovered.

Wheeler went on to point out that many of the lower-level people in the militias who don't like people like Stewart Rhodes, are cooperating and negotiating with the authorities.

Regardless of what encryption services were used, the attackers still used their own information when booking hotel rooms and making local arrangements once they arrived in Washington, D.C.