Iowa woman spits on and bites shoppers after they shame her for not wearing a mask: police

An Iowa City woman was arrested earlier this week after she allegedly spat on and then attacked two people who shamed her for not wearing a face mask while shopping at a local Walgreens late last year.

Local news station KCRG reports that 30-year-old Evelyn Chinchilla was charged with two counts of assaults causing bodily injury after she grew angry when she heard two shoppers at the Walgreens comment on her lack of a face mask.

Witnesses say Chinchilla proceeded to spit on the two shoppers, who then got into a physical confrontation with her in which she pulled one shopper's hair and bit the other shopper to the point of piercing their skin.

Police confirmed the sequence of events by talking to both the victims and a nearby store clerk, who were able to positively identify Chinchilla by looking at her driver's license photo.