White supremacist abandoned his child for over an hour so he could brutally assault Black man: police

Two Iowa men have been charged with a hate crime after they allegedly assaulted a Black man while yelling racial slurs, WeAreIowa reports. Joseph Rossing, 35, and Robert Shelton, 49, have both been charged with assault causing bodily injury in violations of individual rights.

"The criminal complaint says the victim suffered facial injuries causing him to bleed on the road, his car and shirt," WeAreIowa reports. "Rossing faces additional charges of child endangerment because he left his 9-year-old in the vehicle for over an hour while the incident occurred."

According to the Des Moines Register, the victim told police he slowed his car to tell Rossing and Shelton to get their children out of the street, where they were riding scooters. The victim said that Shelton yelled at him, and then both men approached his vehicle and pried his locked car door open.

"While Joseph and Robert were assaulting (the victim), they were yelling (racial slurs) ...' according to (the victim)," the police report said.

The Des Moines Register reports that Rossing is on parole and is a member of the Frys white supremacist gang. Shelton is currently on probation.

Watch a report on the story below: