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On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "All In," conservative attorney George Conway tore into former President Donald Trump for his scheme to hoard classified information at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida — now the subject of a massive FBI investigation and an intense back-and-forth with the DOJ in a Florida court.

The most remarkable thing, noted Conway and anchor Chris Hayes, is that Trump had numerous chances to simply comply with the law and not face any jeopardy — and refused to do it at every turn.

"I watched [Trump] do all kinds of things," said Hayes. "Previous life and public life, where he seemed either to be breaking the law or flirting with breaking the law. He encouraged Russian sabotage, criminal sabotage of the election, right? Cheered it on. He attempted to blackmail a foreign leader, used foreign policy like dirty tricks against his opponent. He attempted the first ever, essentially, coup in U.S. government history, so he could stay in power. All the motives are clear, he did not have to do this. It is so wild that he has brought this on himself by deciding to just hoard and steal a bunch of documents that weren't his and lie about it."

"And not only that, but he could have given those documents he had last year, and this would have been over!" exclaimed Conway. "It's incomprehensible. He's a sociopath, and he's a narcissist. He's a sociopath who knows no bounds, no rules, does not care about the rights of others, only cares about himself. Even if he cares about himself, you think you would know enough not to do this."

Trump's insistence on keeping highly classified documents, said Conway, is a sign of a "defective" worldview.

"He can't help himself," said Conway. "Everything belongs to him. He is the center of his own universe. We are all abstractions to him. We belong to him. The generals across the river at the Pentagon belong to him. They were my generals. These documents, they were my documents. The presidency, it is mine, I get to keep it. If I don't get to keep it, someone's stealing it from me. This is a deranged, defective personality that is self-destructive to the core, and we are watching him self-destruct in real time."

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George Conway says Trump is a "deranged, defective personality"