Trump is running in 2024 — Republicans who want a new leader are kidding themselves: former RNC official
Gage Skidmore.

On Monday, writing for The Bulwark, former RNC official Tim Miller wrote a reality check to any conservative who thinks Trump will step aside and let a new generation of Republican leaders steer the party.

"If you, like me, had been compartmentalizing a Trump 2024 run for mental-health purposes, I’m sorry to break it to you, but he looks like a man who is definitely running for president in 2024," wrote Miller. "His CPAC speech this weekend was a rude awakening as to both his intentions and the strength he would bring to that campaign."

His speech, Miller wrote, was littered with clues he intends to run. He once again lied about the 2020 election, saying, "I won twice and did much better the second time than I did the first getting millions and millions of more votes than in 2016 ... We may have to do it again." And he fired up the crowd about the direction of the country, saying "They've turned it into a nightmare so quickly, the election was rigged and stolen. And now our country is being systematically destroyed."

The problem for any challenger to Trump in the GOP, wrote Miller, is they fundamentally have to challenge these things — and the rank and file voters are heavily invested in them.

"But let’s imagine this message in the context of a 2024 Republican primary. Trump is claiming that when he was president, everything was great. Then the election was stolen. And now everything is being destroyed by the people his voters hate," wrote Miller. "What exactly is his hypothetical challenger’s response to this? It seems to me that Trump has everyone checkmated. They could say that Trump is a loser, and that the election wasn’t stolen, and that it was his fault everything has been destroyed. Someone could campaign on that, I guess. But ... does that seem like a winning argument in a party that has spent most of 2022 excommunicating anyone who speaks the truth about the 2020 election?"

"Here’s what we know: The man speaking to an adoring crowd at CPAC was someone who is already campaigning, who has a narrative that will be tough to pierce, and who owns an entire new crop of succubus surrogates who have juice with the base," concluded Miller. "His hands may be tiny and soft, but his grip on the party is pretty tight."

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Trump’s CPAC speech was littered with clues he intends to run in 2024