ISIS supporter arrested for threats to kill police and city's mayor during St. Patrick's Day parade
An image grab taken from a video released on March 17, 2014 by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's al-Furqan Media allegedly shows ISIL fighters raising their weapons with the Jihadist flag at an undisclosed location (AFP Photo)

A New York Islamic extremist was arrested by the FBI this Friday for plotting to kill police officers and the Yonkers mayor during the local St. Patrick’s Day parade, the New York Post reported.

Police say Ridon Kola, 32, sent a message to the Yonkers police, saying “I will crucify Yonkers cops and their bosses all along McLean ave. It will be a horror scene . . . Allahu Ekberr."

In a tweet after the arrest, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said "Yonkers is proud to host one of New York’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parades and threats like this will not intimidate us from celebrating the many contributions of our Irish American community."

Kola didn't specifically mention the parade in his threats, but police figured it was implied since the parade is held on McLean Avenue.

Kola was arrested and charged with making threatening interstate communications.

His past social media postings mention his intention to carry out "jihad" as well as his support for ISIS, the terrorist organization known as the "Islamic State."

“First people to be crucified will be the Yonkers rats Vallahi. Allahu Ekberr," he wrote in a message to police.