'It's coming': Federal abortion ban could be result of pro-choice Kansas victory, Dem senator says
Activists supporting a woman's right to choose to have an abortion protested in March 2020 outside the US Supreme Court. (AFP)

Kansas was the first state to put abortion rights to a vote since the supreme court overturned Roe v Wade in late June 2022. Voters in Kansas rejected a proposed state constitutional amendment Tuesday that would have the eliminated the right to an abortion in the state. Watch as Kansans react to the election outcome.

After record voter turnout, the typically right-leaning state voted down the "Value them Both" amendment 58.8 to 41.2 percent. If the amendment had passed, it would have given the state's GOP-controlled legislature the power to pass new abortion restrictions.


The White House released a statement by President Biden hailing Tuesday’s vote as a major victory for a woman’s right to choose.

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"This vote makes clear what we know: the majority of Americans agree that women should have access to abortion and should have the right to make their own health care decisions." Not all pro-choice legislators are as encouraged by the vote as President Biden.

Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy tweeted a warning on Wednesday following the election. "Mark my words, the anti-choice movement is going to look at the Kansas result and decide that their best path to criminalize abortion is a federal ban. It's coming, and that's what's on the ballot this November," Murphy said.

This year, a record number of abortion questions will be on state ballots. For now, Kansas constituents have upheld their right to legal abortion up to 22 weeks.

The decision Tuesday could be an indicator of what is to come as states navigate a post Roe v. Wade electorate.

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With Tiffany Terrell.