Tax researcher reveals Ivana Trump being buried at Bedminister gets her ex-husband a ton of tax breaks
Ivana Trump, shown here in Cannes in 2000, died in an accident, a New York medical examiner ruled (AFP)

Former President Donald Trump's ex-wife, Ivana, died suddenly at her home in New York. The family gathered at a church to mourn, but it was later revealed that Mrs. Trump was buried at her ex-husband's Bedminster golf resort on the first hole of the golf course.

The move drew mockery from some online who compared Ivana to a family pet being buried in the backyard. But one professor noted that the Trump family has figured out a way to profit off of Ivana's death.

Tweeting on Sunday, Dartmouth Professor of Sociology, Brooke Harrington, posted some tax credits that she discovered Donald Trump and his Bedminster course will score.

According to the screen capture of the page, Trump will now be able to declare his golf course a cemetery.

A "'Cemetery Company' means an individual, corporation, partnership, association, or other public or private entity which owns, operates, controls, or manages land or places used to dedicated for use for burial of human remains or disposition of cremated human remains, including a crematory located on dedicated cemetery property," the tax exemption explains on the New Jersey website.

"The act relieves cemetery companies from the payment of: Real Property Taxes on lands dedicated to cemetery purposes; income taxes, and sales [and] use taxes," it also says.

See the screen captures below or at this link.