Ivanka branded as the ‘plausibly deniable face of Trump’s dark legacy’ in scathing op-ed

In the wake of a riot that was inspired by white nationalism and a conspiracy theory cult, coupled by a growing number of lawmakers who regurgitate baseless conspiracy theories, the Republican Party is facing a reckoning, Mia Bloom writes in the Israeli news outlet Haaretz this Tuesday.

Bloom says that the cognitive dissonance that conservative Jews and many Israelis who support President Trump while ignoring the dog whistles to various right-wing extremists from his administration runs deep, and it will likely continue as a new generation of Republicans running for elected office have last names that are "Trump" -- namely Ivanka who has expressed interest in running for office in Florida.

"Sadly, the current GOP state of affairs is that a history of service, expertise or knowledge has less to do with elections than celebrity even if that sole 'qualification' is tainted by scandal and racism, "Bloom writes.

"Beyond the lack of qualifications, the Trump brand will continue to resonate with the most antisemitic elements of the political spectrum," she continues. "While right-wing extremists initially viewed Trump suspiciously, they realized after his endorsement by David Duke and the neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville in 2017 that the Trump family was the best chance they had of shaping America's political rhetoric to be more closely aligned with their own."

According to Bloom, Ivanka's conversion to Judaism will have little impact on the increasing racism and growing cult of conspiracy theories in American politics.

"Ivanka continues to be the plausibly deniable face of Trump's dark legacy, whether she runs for office or not."

Read the full op-ed over at Haaretz.