Ivanka Trump earned $1,463,449 from the struggling Trump hotel in DC according to financial disclosures
Ivanka Trump (CBS / Screengrab)

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner filed their final financial discloser documents revealing where their money came from in 2020, while the country navigated the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a Yahoo Finance report, the documents show that Ms. Trump earned $1,463,449 from the struggling Washington, D.C. hotel in the Old Post Office. It was reported Tuesday, that the hotel wasn't doing well, not only because of the impact the pandemic has hurt the hospitality industry, but because there are hefty bills coming due for the Trump Organization for the property.

The $170 million-mortgage is coming due soon, while the hotel suffered a 60 percent decline in revenue, Forbes reported in January.

Ivanka didn't make any money from her fashion brand she shut down in 2017 or any royalties from her books.

Kushner gets an income of $1,800,000 from his family's real estate business, Westminster Management Company. He also holds a financial stake in over 100 apartment and office buildings in New York City through several trusts.

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