Ivermectin believers have become 'radicalized' and now advocate 'inhaling food-grade hydrogen peroxide': reporter
(Screenshot via KFOR)

Believers in treating COVID-19 with ivermectin have reportedly branched out in terms of their recommended treatments for the virus, which now include inhaling food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

NBC News reporter Ben Collins, who follows multiple pro-ivermectin and anti-vaccine Facebook groups, writes on Twitter that many of these groups have now become "radicalized" and are pushing for even more exotic remedies for COVID-19.

The problem these groups are encountering, writes Collins, is that their followers have quickly learned that ivermectin alone won't do the trick.

"So," writes Collins. "They developed a makeshift 'protocol.'"

And what does this "protocol" entail?

Much of it, notes Collins, seems to be made up on the fly.

"Obviously, keep taking the ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, the ivermectin groups say," writes Collins. "But also gargle iodine. Buy a nebulizer and inhale food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Anything but the vaccine."

As the Washington Post reported on Thursday, doctors are warning against treating COVID-19 by inhaling hydrogen peroxide.

"Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic more commonly used for minor cuts, burns and scrapes," the Post noted. "It is also used as a whitener in some toothpastes, and as a common household cleaning agent. But it can be poisonous to humans if swallowed in strong enough concentrations."

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