'Do NOT take drugs made for animals': Mississippi warns against ingesting feed store medication for COVID
Fox News host Tucker Carlson

The state of Mississippi is warning residents against attempting to prevent coronavirus with drugs purchased from feed stores.

"The Mississippi Poison Control Center has received increased calls due to livestock or animal formulations of ivermectin taken to prevent or treat COVID-19 infection. Animal drugs are highly concentrated for large animals and can be highly toxic in humans. Do NOT take drugs made for animals in any form," the Mississippi State Department of Health warned.

State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs was asked about ivermectin use at a COVID-19 briefing, WAPT-TV reports.

"I think some people are trying to use this a preventative, which I think is really kind of crazy, so please don't do that," he said.

In March, Fox News reported on the FDA warning Americans against attempting to treat coronavirus with ivermectin.

In July, Tucker Carlson devoted a segment to a biologist claiming that ivermectin could make vaccines irrelevant.

On Thursday, the Mississippi Free Press reported one person had been hospitalized in Mississippi after ingesting ivermectin.