'An embarrassment': Trump's final speech as president immediately gets panned by CNN's Jake Tapper
CNN's Jake Tapper. (Screengrab)

On CNN Wednesday, anchor Jake Tapper tore into outgoing President Donald Trump's farewell speech at Joint Base Andrews.

"'Have a good life. We'll see you soon,'" said Tapper, quoting Trump. "A fitting end to the Trump presidency. A speech full of puffery and lies, although, of course, with this president, it always could have been worse."

"There weren't the worst of his typical lies about the election. He did acknowledge that there is an incoming administration. But we don't have to grade on a curve. It was an embarrassment that he did not even mention the name of his successor, Joe Biden. And the fact that he is making it all about himself and not about the country at all."

"In fact, he said as bad as the pandemic was -- 'was.' It's not over. The pandemic is still going on. We hit 400,000 deaths yesterday," continued Tapper, adding, "He leaves with the lowest approval ratings of any president after one term in the history of scientific polling."

Watch below: