Court hearing for 'Jesus Christ Superstar' actor goes off the rails as the Jan. 6 suspect declares himself a 'sovereign citizen': report
Department of Justice

Federal court was the scene of bizarre performance by a Broadway actor that federal prosecutors allege was part of a "stack" formation with Oath Keepers on January 6th.

James Beeks, who starred as Judas in a traveling production of "Jesus Christ Superstar," describes himself as "one of the Top Michael Jackson Tribute artists in the U.S." Beeks wore a mask on Jan. 6, but prosecutors were able to identify him by his replica 1987 "BAD" world tour jacket.

In a filing before the hearing, prosecutors said Beeks informed his production company he is a "sovereign citizen."

USA v Jame Beeks emergency motion.Screengrab.

Politico's Josh Gerstein reports Judge Beryl Howell called such arguments "gobbledygook."

NBC News reporter Scott MacFarlane reports the hearing was "derailed a few times," with Beeks professing to be a "sovereign citizen."

Politico's Kyle Cheney reports Beeks "nearly moonwalked himself into pretrial incarceration, but the Michael Jackson impersonator / Judas portrayer will instead be on home detention pending trials. He just needs the FBI to return his car keys and 'gold and silver.'"

Gerstein noted Beeks is required to be home by 10 pm each night and that would make it "tough" for him to perform.