Jan. 6 attacker’s sister begs for leniency: He didn’t 'knowingly know' what he was doing
Donald Trump January 6, 2021 (Screen Grab)

The sister of a Jan. 6 defendant is asking a court to have mercy on her brother. The statement was captured by CBS News reporter Scott MacFarlane, who has been closely monitoring the Jan. 6 attackers as they make their way through the court system.

According to the man's sister, he didn't know what he was doing when he breached the U.S. Capitol.

"I'm asking the Courts to take into account that on this day, he came to what he thought was just a rally," she wrote. "As stupid as this sounds he did not knowingly know he was committing a crime. He was even being waved in by police officers. Now with that said, did he get wrapped up in the moment, yes he did. He did not vandalize anything or hurt anyone.. Once he was in there he said he thought better of it and left on his own... When he realized he was in the wrong he took accountability for his actions..."

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In previous tweets, MacFarlane notes that the refrain of the Jan. 6 defendant is to say that they were "caught up" in the moment "blindly following the crowd." Other quotes he observed include, "Momentary lapse in good judgment" and "Swept away moment", according to an attorney for defendant Verden Nalley of Georgia.

See the excerpt below: