Internet joins Rick Wilson in ignoring McCarthy and demanding investigation into Republicans involved in 1/6
Republican commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: RealTime/Twitter)

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said on Monday that the reason her colleagues are afraid of the Jan. 6 Commission is that it could reveal that some GOP lawmakers were involved. Former Republican Rick Wilson noted that it's the exact reason that Democrats should move forward with investigating those officials suspected of helping attackers of the U.S. Capitol.

McCarthy had worked with Democrats on the commission, even sending written items that he wanted. For some reason, McCarthy has decided he opposes it after Rep. John Katko (R-NY) agreed with the terms.

"If the Democrats have the stones to pull it off -- an open question, TBH -- it will make Benghazi look like a sewing circle," tweeted Wilson on Tuesday. "They can't possibly look inside the reality of that day and maintain the Big Lie. They can't admit to the clear causality of Trump unleashing his mob. It opens them to personal, moral, and political liability for that day. More important in their minds is something darker. They see the majority in their grasp, and just as they did in the states this year, they'll strike quickly, mercilessly, and without a moment of hesitation or a scintilla of shame to make the next election the last."

"For them, the problem wasn't an attack on our republic and a democratic election. For Kevin and Co, the problem was that it didn't work the first time. They need the shock and awe, the spectacle, the Trumphadi terror threat out there," Wilson continued. "This zero-sum game of power/not-power is what the Democrats never, ever, ever grasp. This year in the states, the GOP -- directed and assisted by Heritage Action -- has passed sweeping voter restrictions. Democrats couldn't mount a response. They played defense.

"Even now, too many think policy will save them. "But our climate plan" or "but our control gun plan" or "but our daycare plan" isn't politics. It's masturbation. The bad guys are willing to send people to kill you and you respond with a white paper? GTFO," he closed.

It was something that many agreed with, questioning who was involved from the inside and the importance of holding those members as accountable as those arrested by the Justice Department.

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