Capitol rioter whose parents raised money for him online pleads guilty
Daniel Warmus. (DOJ photos)

A western New York man for whom more than $19,000 was raised online has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor parading charges in connection with the participation in the January 6 Capitol riot.

Daniel Warmus, from Alden, NY, was the subject of a GiveSendGo campaign apparently created by his parents after the FBI arrested him in a raid at his home, according to the web page. He entered a guilty plea today, a year after that arrest.

As Raw Story reported at the time, the FBI had learned about Warmus’ part in the riot from an anonymous tipster who had overheard him boasting about his exploits at a dentist’s office.

“Warmus, from Alden NY, was heard by the tipster telling of how he smoked a marijuana cigarette inside the Capitol, the FBI criminal complaint states. The tipster said "that he/she overheard Warmus talking about his experience" which included having refused a police officer's instructions to leave the building."

But the most distinctive part of Warmus’ story was the GiveSendGo page created by Patricia Warmus, who appears from its text to be his mother. Included in the narrative was this: “Daniel doesn't want too (sic) plea guilty since the Capital police were waving him in and the door was wide open.”

The page offered his account of his arrest: “A helicopter flying over (Warmus’) home, 9 cop cars, 15 FBI officers. A SWAT vehicle sitting in front of his home with spotlights as they launched flashed bombs at his windows. Telling him to come out. Daniel got dressed, went to the door, and as he tried to unlock the door they broke his door down in his face. He was greeted by the FBI and guns pointed at his face. Daniel didn't resist. They handcuffed him and took him out. FBI raided his apt for over 4 hours. His father went to his home as soon as he heard the news. Agents wouldn't let Daniel's father near the home and wouldn't let him know where they took him. It took Daniel's father over three hours to find out where they took our son.”

And there was this: “Another disturbing the FBI raided his home...they lined up on the Kitchen table, his Bible, prayer notes, Christian ties, he wears and any Christian literature. (Probably took a picture of them). Shortly after this happened, his church since Daniel was three years old, told him he was no longer welcomed there?? Daniel was really hurt.”

The most recent contribution of $50 was made on the website 27 days ago with the note: “Daniel, you are not alone. You have a lot of support so stay strong. We stand with you. We pray for you and thank you for being a Patriot and representing us on J6.”

You can read the FBI criminal complaint against him here.