Lawyer for Jan. 6 defendant alleges inmates in DC jail are 'vulnerable to radicalization'
Capitol Insurrectionists (Shutterstock)

CBS News reporter Scott MacFarlane posted the court filing of Jan. 6 attacker Sean McHugh, who alleges that being housed in the Washington, D.C. jail could make his client "vulnerable to radicalization." McHugh is accused of fighting with police and spraying them with the chemical irritants, either pepper spray or bear spray.

Jan. 6 defendants are all housed in the same area, and Republican officials are claiming that the conditions are unacceptable and they should be released pending trial. Some have even gone so far as to request that they be sent to the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay Cuba instead of staying in the Washington facility.

According to the written complaint McHugh sent to jail staff, he explained, "the food tonight was see through (sic) slimy balogna (sic) discolored and presumably stale. It did not match the menu and also had inadequate veggies. It did not meet proper nutrition guidelines or federal guidelines. AGAIN! (sic)"

The jail responded with the comment that all food is order (sic) weekly and we do not have any expire meal (sic). Menus are subject to change with approval."

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McHugh's claim goes into different reasons to be moved from the facility, however. His lawyers claimed that the isolation with the other defendants has been "exacerbated by the distrust among the Jan 6 defendants themselves where whispers of conspiracy and traitors places an enormous strain on any defendant."

McHugh faces not only the mistreatment aforementioned at the hands of (jail staff), but now also among the inmates with whom he is housed," the attorney said.

He also claimed that his client is suffering from serious "mental heath" problems, remarking that it "is the lowest it can be."

Read the full filing.