How Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump scored a sweet DC real estate deal from a Chilean billionaire
Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump via Twitter

David Cay Johnston's new book, "The Big Cheat," was released this week, and connects the dots between all of the financial stories around former President Donald Trump, his business, and children who served in the White House.

One piece of his book reveals that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump not only made millions while working for the American people, they also got a sweet real estate deal for their Washington, D.C. home.

The couple rented a property from "Andrónico Luksic, a Chilean billionaire seeking a big favor from the Trump administration," wrote Johnston, noting that the home ran around 8,200 square feet.

"Luksic charged them $15,000 a month. That would not cover the interest on a rental property mortgage, nor would it cover property taxes and insurance," he explained. "Even if Luksic paid cash for the $5.8 million house, the cost of his capital has a value that needs to be accounted for."

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At the time, there was news about where they were staying, but little attention was paid to just how much of a deal they were getting on the home. Later there was a report that Jared and Ivanka wouldn't allow the Secret Service agents to use their bathrooms. President Barack Obama allowed them to use his until finally, they realized the absurdity. The American taxpayer had to foot the bill for the Secret Service to rent a bathroom at $3,600 annually.

"Luksic, by the way, never got the approvals he needed for a copper and nickel mine in Minnesota," wrote Johnston.

That was just the beginning of the deals for Kushner and Trump.

The Big Cheat is on sale now.