Jared Kushner complains 'the left has no loyalty' after losing friends over Trump
Jared Kushner (AFP)

Former White House advisor Jared Kushner complained about the backlash he has received over his father-in-law while promoting his new book on Glenn Beck's podcast.

"We are going to be short on time," Beck said. "So I -- there's so many questions, I would like to ask you. For instance, you know if you would have thrown in bad stuff about President Trump, you would have made a fortune. And the left would have loved you, and left you alone."

"And you didn't do it," Beck said. "Congratulations."

"Yeah," Kushner replied.

"I learned that the love of the left is something that is -- it's not worth what people think it is," Kushner said. "I see people contorting themselves and saying certain things that they don't believe. Or not saying things that they believe, but the left has no loyalty. They turn on you in a second. And I think it's much better to say the truth."

"And at the end of the day, I find a lot of my friends, on the left, they hyperventilate over different things that Trump will say," Kushner said. "Or how they perceive it."

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