Jason Ravnsborg becomes first officeholder to be impeached in South Dakota after Republicans turn on him
South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg (Photo: Facebook)

South Dakota's Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg has been impeached by the state's House of Representatives, Dakota News Now reports.

The vote of 36 to 31 was in relation to Ravnsborg’s actions regarding a fatal car crash in 2020, making him the first office holder to be impeached in South Dakota's history.

On September 12, 2020, Ravnsborg struck and killed Joseph Boever, who was walking along a highway.

"Just hours before the proceedings Tuesday, Ravnsborg sent a letter to the House of Representatives, asking for them to vote against impeachment," Dakota News Now reports. "Ravnsborg also sent out a second document addressing various evidence, allegations and misinformation regarding the incident, citing how he was treated differently in the process because he is the Attorney General and downplayed any “conspiracy theories or speculation” surrounding the incident."

After debating the matter for nearly 40 minutes, Rep. Will Mortenson (R-Pierre) said an elected official is a privilege not a right.