'Our people hate the right people': Trump-loving Senate candidate says he's running 'exclusionary' campaign
J.D. Vance MSNBC

Republican Ohio U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance recently suggested that he has an advantage in the race because "our people hate the right people."

Vance made the remarks during an interview with James Pogue of The American Conservative.

Although he has not been officially endorsed by Donald Trump, Vance has tried to align himself with the former president to boost his election chances. On Tuesday, Vance was endorsed by Robert O'Brien, Trump's last national security adviser.

Pogue, who grew up in Ohio, said that he received some pushback from his "best friend from Cincinnati, a black guy who had grown up in the vicinity" about the Vance interview, which took place at a diner.

“I guess pancakes go perfect with white nationalism," Pogue's friend said.

Vance, the author of "Hillbilly Elegy," is polling in single digits and described his candidacy as "an experiment I'm running in real-time."

“The sense of pride in where you come from, I think our ruling class is actively trying to destroy it," the candidate explained.

Vance argued that the way to save the country is to exclude some people from his political movement.

“I think that any national project has to be on some level exclusionary," he said. “The thing that I worry about, and that a lot of people I'm working with worry about, is that if we fail, it will be because the American regime itself is too turned against the communities that I came from."

“I think American politics is either going to be a place of permanent, effectively institutionalized civil war that ends in genuinely bad things," he added, “or the American right is able to assemble a coalition of populists and traditionalists into something that can genuinely overthrow the modern ruling class."

“I think our people hate the right people," Vance concluded.