'This DA is an idiot!' Jeanine Pirro fumes after Dem official says Trump-voting states have more crime
Jeanine Pirro speaking with attendees at the 2021 Student Action Summit. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

On Thursday, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, facing repeated attacks from Republicans and an impeachment effort against him, hit back in an interview on FOX 29 News, pointing out that the worst homicide rates in the country are in states that voted for former President Donald Trump.

"These states in the United States that have a rate of homicide which is 40 percent higher — are MAGA states. They are Trump states. I’ll say it again, the rate of homicide in Trump states as compared to Biden states, take all 50 of them, is 40 percent higher," said Krasner.

He is correct — states that voted for Trump, on average, have both higher murder rates, and have had higher increases to their murder rates over the last two years.

But on Fox News later that day, Jeanine Pirro was enraged at Krasner's comments.

"First of all, the governor does not control the police in individual cities and in individual states, so get off the MAGA states, that's number one!" fumed Pirro, apparently unaware that many crime policies, from whether cities can restrict guns to whether DAs can eliminate cash bail, are imposed at the state level."

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"Number two, this D.A. is an idiot," said Pirro. "He says that there's no correlation between crime and a traditional versus a progressive D.A. I'm gonna tell you what the correlation is. The progressive D.A. wants to let the criminal out. The traditional D.A. wants to lock him up and throw away the key and make sure he pays for the crime that he commits, all right? That's real simple. So Krasner's out of his mind."

Watch the video below or at this link.