Capitol riot committee chairman says he expects to pursue criminal referral of Jeffrey Clark

On CNN Tuesday, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), the chair of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack, suggested that the committee could follow up their criminal referral of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress with a similar referral for Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, who played a key role in advocating a coup against the presidential election within the government.

"Do you think you'll get any of them to talk?" asked anchor Chris Cuomo. "I know you put out big names, Congressman, but you got the DOJ still sleeping on what you sent them about Bannon. And you got Jeffrey Clark who showed up but didn't give you any answers."

"That's right," said Thompson. "And which, you know, that's their right but obviously, we're pursuing the criminal contempt proceedings on Bannon, we will probably do that on Clark, and anybody else who refuses to come before the committee."

"What if Garland doesn't make a move on Bannon?" asked Cuomo.

"Then we have a problem," said Thompson. "We put the evidence there. We have done all we can as a committee to force the hands of the individuals. But we feel very good about it. We feel we're on sound footing. But the wheels of justice, as you know, sometimes move slow. But we're steady moving. People are steady contacting us. Our tip line is constantly being flooded with individuals saying this is somebody you need to talk to."

Watch below:

Bennie Thompson says House will "probably" pursue criminal referral of Jeffrey Clark