'The man whispering in Trump's ear': CNN's Borger explains why Jeffrey Clark's Capitol riot testimony is crucial

On Friday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," political analyst Gloria Borger weighed in on former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark testifying to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack.

"Clark is set to be, as I pointed out, the first Trump administration official to comply with a subpoena, with a subpoena for an interview with the select committee," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "Could this change, potentially, the trajectory of this investigation?"

"I think... that he is a very important witness, no matter how they get his information, quite honestly," said Borger. "The Senate Judiciary Committee, which issued a 400-page report, said that he tried to interrupt the peaceful transfer of power, that he was the man whispering in Donald Trump's ear, yes, we can figure out a way to get this election overturned."

She then detailed some of the actions Clark took during his efforts to keep Trump in the White House.

"He is the person communicating with folks in Georgia, saying that they need to, you know, recount votes," she said. "You know, he was a person inside the Justice Department telling other attorneys, okay, you know, we need to announce publicly that we are investigating fraud because we believe there is a real possibility that there was widespread fraud. As you know, [former Attorney General William] Barr said there wasn't, and the people sitting with him and the president in a meeting in January ... said, we're not going to do this, and if you guys decide to go ahead with your plan, we're leaving. So he is central."

Watch below:

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