Psaki shoves '81 million' Biden voters down throat of reporter who is worried about '74 million' Trump voters
CNN/screen grab

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday responded to a question about the desires of "74 million Trump voters" by pointing out that there are also 81 million people who voted for President Joe Biden.

At Tuesday's White House briefing, AMI Magazine correspondent Jake Turx posed a question from a reporter who could not be in the room due to COVID-19 restrictions.

"Does the president believe that he can attain unity with the 74 million Trump voters while urging allies in the Senate to hold an impeachment trial after his predecessor has already left office?" Turx asked.

Psaki reacted by reminding the reporter that 81 million people had voted for Biden.

"The president's belief is that he was elected by 81 million Americans in part because they believed that he was somebody who could help bring the country together, unify the country around addressing the crises that we face," Psaki explained.

The press secretary noted that Biden is "not just speaking to people who voted for him."

"He's speaking to all of the American people, including the 74 million who didn't vote for him," she added.

Watch the video below from CNN.