Jen Psaki clashes with Peter Doocy after he claims the White House ignores Fox News: 'We're having a conversation, aren't we?'
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During an exchange with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki this Friday, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy claimed the network is the only member of the "five-network TV pool that has never been on the list [of networks for Biden to call on], and I'm just curious if that is official administration policy."

"We're here having a conversation, aren't we?" Psaki replied. "And do I take questions from you every time you come to the briefing room?"

"Yes, but..." Doocy said before Psaki interrupted.

"Has the President taken questions from you since he came into office?" she pressed. "Yes or no?"

"Unfortunately, only when I have shouted after he goes through his whole list," Doocy replied. "And the President has been very generous with his time with Fox. I'm just curious about this list that he is given."

Watch the full exchange below: