White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended the Biden administration on Wednesday after a Fox News correspondent accused staffers of "bullying" Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

During a White House briefing, Fox News correspondent Jacqui Heinrich wondered if the administration would take a softer approach in future negotiations with Manchin following the failure to pass President Joe Biden's Build Back Better agenda. Manchin is on record blaming White House "staff" for angering him by putting out press statements.

"Is there sort of a shift in strategy since this all blew up over bullying?" Heinrich asked.

"I would tell you that Sen. Manchin is somebody who has won many tough fought fights in West Virginia," Psaki replied. "He comes proudly from a coal-mining family. He's a pretty outspoken advocate for the things he believes in and the things he doesn't."

"And I would doubt he's a withering flower on the side of the road," she added.

Watch the video below.

Jen Psaki fires back after Fox News reporter accuses White House of being tough on Joe Manchin www.youtube.com