WATCH: Ex-Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis quits GOP live on air -- and slams McConnell on her way out

One former Trump elections lawyer is fed up with the Republican Party and announced on "Real America's Voice" she is quitting the GOP.

During an appearance on the conservative news platform, Ellis attacked the party for not doing enough to defend the honor of former President Donald Trump.

"Sure, the Republicans claim to be keeping Democrats in check, but only a handful of outsiders are actually speaking up," she fumed. "The rest are compromising on everything. The infrastructure bill, for example. Or the second impeachment hoax, where [Senate GOP Leader Mitch] McConnell actually stood up and ranted against President Trump for his own political gain, not for the truth."

She continued to complain about how the Republican National Committee was being operated.

"What happened to the millions raised by the RNC in November and December of 2020 -- the Trump team never saw a dime of that help," she argued. "All of them, including [RNC Chair] Ronna McDaniel, should resign now. Until they do, as of today, I am resigning from the party... A compromised, corrupted majority is not a majority worth being a part of."

Watch the video below.