Jenna Ellis freaks out after Politico publishes her Trump coup memos

Pro-Trump attorney Jenna Ellis reacted angrily on Friday after Politico published her memos advocating that former Vice President Mike Pence refuse to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

As described by Politico, Ellis argued that "Pence, while presiding over lawmakers’ counting of electors, should simply halt the process when their alphabetical proceeding reached Arizona" and then "declare that the state failed to meet the legal standard for certifying its own electors and 'require the final ascertainment of electors to be completed before continuing.'"

In a statement to Politico, Ellis denied that she argued Pence should overturn the election, but rather said that he should halt its certification and send the matter back to the states.

"At no time did I advocate for overturning the election or that Mike Pence had the authority to do so," she said. "As part of my role as a campaign lawyer and counsel for President Trump, I explored legal options that might be available within the context of the U.S. Constitution and statutory law.”

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Shortly afterward, Ellis lashed out at the publication for publishing her memos, even though they meet the definition of being newsworthy given that they recommended the disruption of the constitutional process of certifying a presidential election.

"Wondering how Politico thinks it’s responsible or ethical journalism to publish attorney-client privileged documents," she said. "They admit they are the first to publish in their entirety the two Ellis memos, which both have the banner 'ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGED.' Trump hatred persists."

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