Dems in 'twilight' of careers have 'strongly rebuffed pleas to retire' — setting up NYC battle: NYT
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After a court-ordered redrawing of New York's congressional maps, The New York Times reported Monday "on a potentially disastrous collision course" as two long-time New York representatives appear set to face off in the Aug. 23 Democratic Party primary.

Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler says told Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney on the House floor that he would prevail over her in the primary.

“She said basically the opposite, and so it was an impasse,” Mr. Nadler told the newspaper, “and we left it at that.”

The newspaper noted a similar situation fifty years earlier when Rep. Bella Abzug faced off against Rep. William Fitts Ryan in 1972. Ryan won the primary, but died before the election. Democrats chose Abzug to replace Ryan on the ballot and she won the general election, staying in Congress.

"The primary matchup between Mr. Nadler and Ms. Maloney may be one of the most bruising political spectacles in living memory, a crosstown clash between two respected party elders in the twilight of their careers. And it will play out in one of the most politically influential pockets of the United States — home to financiers, media titans and entertainers, and the source of millions of dollars in campaign donations each election cycle," the newspaper reported. "Allies of Ms. Maloney whispered doubts about Mr. Nadler’s health. (His aides say his health is good.) Mr. Nadler’s associates circulated old news articles about Ms. Maloney’s obsession with pandas, and suggested that Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is officially neutral in the race, really preferred him."

The newspaper reported that both "strongly rebuffed pleas to retire."

“I’ve never been more effective,” Maloney told the newspaper.

Nader repeated the word "no" six times when asked.

The newspaper noted Suraj Patel, who came with four percentage points of ousting Maloney in the 2020 primary, is also running.

“If you are satisfied with the state of New York, the country or the Democratic Party, they are your candidates,” the thirty-eight year old told the newspaper.

The two longtime lawmakers also have extensive voting records in Congress.

"Mr. Nadler plans to pitch himself to voters as a more principled progressive. He trumpets his role in Mr. Trump’s impeachments and frequently points out that he and Ms. Maloney were on opposite sides on the Iraq War (she voted for, he voted against), the Patriot Act (she was for, he was against) and the Iran nuclear deal (he voted for, she against)," the newspaper reported.

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