Capitol rioter didn’t think the feds would come after her Oath Keeper crew – then the FBI showed up at her house: court docs
Jessica Watkins (Screen Grab)

Newly unsealed court documents reveal a fascinating detail in the case of Jessica Watkins, the Oath Keeper member who founded the Ohio State Regular Militia.

The documents reveal a message she sent on January 9th to Bennie Parker, who has also been charged in the Capitol insurrection.

"[S]eems they're only interested in people who destroyed things," Watkins texted. "I wouldn't worry about them coming after us."

A little more than a week later, the FBI was at her door, the Springfield News Sun reported.

"A video shared Sunday morning on Facebook shows vehicles with flashing lights outside a home the poster says is in Woodstock, Ohio," the newspaper reported. "A man is overheard on a loudspeaker saying, 'Jessica Watkins this is the FBI with a warrant. Come to the back door with your hands up and empty.'"

The new documents are part of a federal case against the Oath Keepers.

"The Jan. 9 text was included in new charging papers unsealed on Thursday against a retired Ohio couple who prosecutors say were part of that Oath Keepers conspiracy. Prosecutors wrote that Parker, 70, texted at length with Watkins leading up to Jan. 6 and was listed in Watkins' phone as 'Recruit Ben - OSRM,' an acronym that the government says stood for Ohio State Regular Militia," BuzzFeed News reported Friday. "Prosecutors have described the Oath Keepers as a 'large but loosely-organized collection of militia that believe that the federal government has been coopted by a shadowy conspiracy that is trying to strip American citizens of their rights.'"

Video from the day of the January 6th insurrection reportedly shows Watkins inside the building.

"We're in the f*cking Capitol, bro," a woman in the video shouts.


Jessica Watkins