'We are an army for everything that Jesus has purchased for us': Lauren Boebert at Freedom rally

Wearing her usual holstered firearm U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) on Independence Day injected a heavy dose of Christian nationalism into her speech in Mesa County, Colorado. Rep. Boebert said that she sees her constituents as "an army for everything that Jesus has purchased for us and our children, and our children's children."

The QAnon-supporting far right Christian conservative was just back from her trip to a Trump rally in Sarasota, Florida, where the former president called her out by name, helping to fuel her brand.

On Sunday in Colorado she made sure to pack her speech "full of God references," as the Colorado Times Recorder reports.

"There are two nations created for God's glory – Israel and the United States of America," Boebert said, kicking off her Sunday speech immediately after Grand Junction's Independence Day parade. "We stand strongly with Israel."

"It's not a coincidence that Independence Day is on a Sunday this year," she also told supporters.

"We will not back down until we have everything God has promised us," she added, although did not specify what her list of demands include.

She also suggested that President Joe Biden is not in charge, saying "God is on the throne."

"It doesn't matter who is President; we serve the almighty King. Trump has not given up and he will not give up."

Boebert praised Trump's looks saying he had not aged decades like most presidents do when they leave office.

"That is the anointment of God," she claimed.