Fox News ripped by CNN's Jim Acosta for dangerously 'peddling lies for profit'

CNN anchor Jim Acosta blasted Fox News on Saturday as America grapples with a crisis of misinformation.

"No doubt about it, over on Fox this week, it got a little nuts," he said, playing a clip of Tucker Carlson's weeklong obsession with the debunked report that coronavirus vaccines caused swollen testicles of Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend.

Acosta referred to Carlson as "such a sad sack."

"The problem is not Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's medical issues, it's that some of the most prominent forces on the far-right — whether on Fox or on their podcast — don't have the balls to tell you the truth. If you just get the vaccine, you're protected. That's it," he explained. "If everybody gets onboard, the pandemic can finally end."

"Don't forget they have tough vaccine rules over at Fox News," he reminded. "Over 90% of its employees are vaccinated."

"If only reliable, trustworthy information about this pandemic could reach everybody. instead, some big-name voices on the far-right are peddling lies for profit. The same thing is happening to our democracy. The big lie is still with us," he noted.

"If only the people could get the truth and not have to fight through so much disinformation," Acosta said. "You could say on this day we live in one reality, the one where disinformation kills and keeps killing."