WATCH: Jim Jordan gets defensive as reporter grills him over his Jan. 6 call with Trump

During an appearance on Spectrum News this Wednesday amid growing questions surrounding the role some GOP lawmakers had in the riot at the U.S. Capitol, Jim Jordan (R-OH) was asked by anchor Taylor Popielarz if he spoke with then-President Donald Trump on Jan. 6.

"Yes or no -- did you speak with President Trump on January 6?" Popielarz asked.

But Jordan did not provide a straightforward answer on the subject.

"Yeah, I mean, I speak with -- I spoke with the President last week, I speak with the President all the time, I spoke with him on January 6," Jordan said. "I mean, I talk with President Trump all the time. I mean, that's -- I don't think that's unusual. I would expect members of Congress to talk with the President of the United States when they're trying to get done the things they told the voters in their district [told them] to do. I'm actually kind of amazed sometimes that people keep asking this question."

Popielarz then asked Jordan if he spoke with Trump "before, during, or after" the riot, to which Jordan gave an even more elusive answer.

"Uh, I'd have to go -- I spoke with him that day -- after? I think after," Jordan said. "I don't know if I spoke with him in the morning or not, I just don't know. I'd have to go back and -- I mean, I don't know ... I don't know, uh, when those conversations happened, but what I know is I spoke with him all the time."

Watch the video below: