WV governor snaps at CBS host over tough Covid question: 'Margaret, you don't have to come in so hot'
CBS/screen grab

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) complained on Sunday after CBS host Margaret Brennan asked him why he is not requiring children to be vaccinated for Covid-19.

But Justice said there was "no chance" he would change his mind.

"Why?" Brennan pressed. "As governor, you mandate -- we looked -- measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, polio, other vaccines. Why won't you put Covid on that list?"

"Now, Margaret, you know, you don't have to come in so hot," Justice replied. "You guys asked me to come. You know."

"I'm asking you to clarify," Brennan said.

"I truly believe that the mandates only divide us and only divide us more," the governor opined. "From the standpoint of mandates, I don't believe in imposing on our freedoms over and over and over. And I've said that over. I don't know how many times I've got to say it."

"We've still got to stand up for who we are," he added. "For crying out loud, we're Americans."

Watch the video below from CBS.