Kimmel: Matt Gaetz telling Trump group 'if you want something done to hire a woman' has a whole different meaning
Jimmy Kimmel -- screenshot

Jimmy Kimmel mocked the latest in Matt Gaetz news after it was revealed that he took recreational drugs, drank and partied with political people and young women who were paid for sex.

One woman told CNN that she was paid by Gaetz pal Joel Greenberg, but she wouldn't say who she had sex with.

Most of the women have been questioned by the Justice Department, the report revealed, but not all of them have.

Over the weekend, Gaetz spoke to a pro-Trump women's group at Mar-a-Lago where he said, "If you want something done, hire a woman." Kimmel felt like that has a whole different meaning knowing women at Gaetz's parties were paid for sex.

See the opener below: