Jimmy Kimmel details timeline of Mike Lindell's empty promises of 'evidence of election fraud'

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is in hiding, he says, because he's afraid for his life. It's unknown if the claim is true, but Lindell is also likely wanted by process servers attempting to hand him the lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, which is suing him for lying about their voting machines.

Since the November election, Lindell has been promising over and over that he has the goods on voter fraud and how electronic voting machines stole the election from Donald Trump. The main problem, however, is that despite months of promises, he hasn't been able to deliver.

"Mike believes that a sophisticated cabal of deep-state operatives rigged an election, but they can't find the Super 8 motel where he's broadcasting, said Kimmel. "How hard could it be to find Mike Lindell? If you see a guy on the street and think, 'That guy looks like a Canadian serial killer,' it's probably him."

Lindell thinks that he should be on the run because "he knows too much" about the election "truth." The problem, however, is that he's never been able to provide any of that proof.

On Dec. 21, Lindell tweeted, "We have all the evidence!!! Biggest election fraud in world history!!! Crime against the world!!!!" Lindell has since been suspended from Twitter.

On Jan. 19: "In his email to NBC News, Lindell said: '... China and others used the machines to corrupt our election! Here is one page of the proof.' The email did not include an attachment. When asked if he had mistakenly omitted it, Lindell sent another email with an empty attachment and a third with screenshots of illegible text," said NBC News.

On Feb. 2, on Newsmax, Lindell claimed, "We have 100 percent proof."

On Feb. 4, Lindell told FlashPoint, "It's all coming out tomorrow."

On Feb. 10, in an interview with Steve Bannon, Lindell said, "I'm 100 percent that we have all the proof... it's just coming out no...I have 100 percent proof."

On Feb. 22, in an interview with Business Insider, Mike Lindell said, "he had a 'massive team' of lawyers working on the case and already had all the evidence needed to prove his case.'"

Then, on March 5, Lindell told The Charlie Kirk Show, "Then we're going to do a couple more shorter documentaries and show all the new evidence. When you see this, 100 percent you're all in."

"Maybe he was the crack-head in the tree," Kimmel speculated.

See the video below:

Mike Lindell has 100 percent proof -- he just can't show it to you www.youtube.com