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President Joe Biden got angry when talking about the pieces of his Build Back Better plan that would help American families, particularly children. The plan was shot down by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who said that he refused to support the measure. All Republican senators have indicated that they oppose the bill.

Talking about Manchin, Biden said that he doesn't hold a grudge and he's focused on getting the bill done. He then cited an interview with Manchin who said that it wasn't Biden who misled people it, "I mislead you."

"You saw what happened yesterday," Biden continued. "All the talk about how my Build Back Better plan was going to increase inflation and cause debts and all the like. What happened? Goldman Sachs said if we don't pass Build Back Better, we're in trouble because it will grow the economy. Without it, we're not going to grow. What happened? Stock prices went way down. It took a real dip. If you take a look -- everybody thinks because I quoted 17 Nobel laureates saying this will help inflation — think about it in terms of you're a hard working person and you are making $60,000 if you are alone or a mom or dad making $90,000 like a lot of people do and you are worried about inflation. You should be worried about it. It is devastating for working-class and middle-class folks. It really hurts. Where is most of the cost now?"

He said that while costs like gasoline and food may be going up until the pandemic continues to rage, his plan would help families with other costs that are hurting them.

He cited 20 million women who would be able to reenter the workforce because childcare would be significantly reduced. It would stop the increase in costs for insulin, which has grown significantly over just the past 10 years.

"We have 200,000 kids with type 1 diabetes," Biden said. "It costs between 10 cents and $10 to come up with the formula a while ago. Do you know what it costs on average: $560 -- $640 a month. Up to $1,000 a month. What do you do if you're a mom and dad working with minimum wage busting your neck? You look at your kid and you know if you don't get that drug for them? What happened? He could go in a coma or die."

That's when Biden's voice increased and he seemed angry.

"Not only do you put the kid's life at stake, you strip away the dignity of the parent!" he exclaimed. "I'm not joking. Imagine being a parent. Looking at the child and you can't afford and you have no house to borrow against. You have no savings. It's wrong. All the things in that bill are going to reduce prices and costs for middle-class and working-class people. It will reduce their cost."

He closed by saying he intends to continue talking to Manchin, but didn't say whether he'd reach out to more moderate Republicans up for reelection in 2022.

See the video below:

Biden rages about the necessities of Build Back Better