'Self-rule or surrender to the tyranny of fascism': Internet reacts to Biden's speech as GOPers complain and call for his impeachment
Joe Biden (AFP)

President Joe Biden appeared on television Wednesday to give a statement about political violence, which again, reared its ugly head in an attack on the spouse of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Biden mentioned that federal officials like Pelosi aren't the only ones facing such hate.

He cited Shaye Moss, an election worker who did nothing more than count ballots with her mother. But the two were targeted by Donald Trump and his supporters with conspiracy theories that resulted in people trying to break into Moss' grandmother's home.

“The 2020 stolen election lie has fueled political violence all over this country," said Biden in the address.

Filmmaker and comedian Chip Franklin asked for a show of hands for all of those who agree "that MAGA poses a grave threat to our democracy?"

Former Republican Rep Joe Walsh, of Florida, has been targeted by MAGA Republicans personally. He honed in on Biden's comment that Americans should never vote for a person who won't commit to accepting the results of an election or the will of the people. "Amen," said Walsh in agreement.

Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali called Biden's speech an important one "in defense of democracy and calling out MAGA's attempt to threaten and intimidate the majority. I hope it is covered. So glad Biden and Democrats are talking about the attempted assassination of Pelosis by a right-wing nut who shares the same conspiracy theories of Trump, MAGA and Fox. Important."

Many people watching observed that Biden's typical closing line "may God bless America and may God protect our troops," had an addition on Wednesday, in which the president asked for God to protect "those who stand guard over our democracy."

Host and comedian Dean Obeidallah noticed that on the Fox network, there was a banner saying, “Biden smears Republicans before midterm” while he was talking about MAGA terrorist attacks on Pelosi.

"Looks like Fox News is claiming the terrorist as a Republican," Obeidallah gathered.

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"President Biden couldn’t have been clearer. These midterms will determine whether we want to preserve our 246-year Democratic experiment in self-rule or surrender to the Tyranny of Fascism," said filmmaker Rob Reiner.

Atlantic writer Tom Nichols characterized Biden's speech as a "defense of democratic institutions and civic virtue, which you wouldn't think an American president would have to do over 2 centuries into our history."

Our America podcast co-host Sawyer Hackett said that the fact Biden even had to spend time explaining to Americans why people might not know the results of the election on Tuesday night "is a perfect example of the stakes. We already know one party will deny results — they shouldn't be the ones in power."

Meanwhile, Republicans attacked the speech before he was even finished. Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy called him "divisive" as he called for people to come together and Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) demanded he immediately be impeached.

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