The Senate is split 50-50, but Biden just made history getting his Cabinet confirmed: report

President Joe Biden has achieved major success getting the split U.S. Senate to confirm his Cabinet.

"President Joe Biden is the first president in more than 30 years to have all of his original Cabinet secretary nominees confirmed to their posts. The Senate confirmed the final nominee, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, as Labor secretary Monday evening.He was the last of the 15 major agency heads to receive confirmation from the US Senate. Those are the Cabinet positions included in the presidential line of succession," CNN reported Monday.

"While Biden did withdraw one nominee that he had designated Cabinet-level -- Neera Tanden, who he had selected as his budget chief -- the people now serving atop all the major administration agencies are his first pick. That has not been the case since President Ronald Reagan, who was the last president who saw all of his Cabinet nominees confirmed," CNN explained.

Following Secretary Walsh's confirmation, White House chief of staff Ron Klain took a victory lap on Twitter.