CNN reporter explains Joe Manchin doesn't even understand Build Back Better is paid for
Joe Manchin (Screen Grab)

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) prompted rage among progressives after he told Fox News that he's tried everything he could but can't come to an agreement over the Build Back Better plan. The White House said that it wasn't what Manchin told them when they last spoke, but he's refusing to speak to them now.

The bill, known as the human infrastructure bill, would help families pay for caregivers, make the child tax credit permanent, add vision and dental care to Medicare and Medicaid and other benefits.

Manchin said that he opposes spending money on the plans because it would add to the deficit or wouldn't be paid for over the same time as the funds distributed.

As Suzanne Malveaux explained, the bill is completely paid for. It would mean Manchin is either lying about his reasons or he's ignorant to the facts.

"They all tried to convince him to go along with them, needing the simple majority to pass this through," she explained. "He was the last hold out. They started off at $6 trillion, went to $3 trillion. And somewhere behind about $2 trillion to $1.75. He ultimately said $1.5 trillion really was the final offer. But he did express concern about the extension of the child tax credit, extending that. He thought it went beyond one year. If you worked it out to ten years, said it would be a lot more. But his colleagues, the Democratic colleagues said, look, this is not -- that is not what this bill is. This bill is paid for. And so there's a great deal of frustration and perhaps a sense of wasted time here in what they were doing, these back behind the scenes discussions with the president and with his colleagues. They are now accusing him of not being truthful and not really being a faithful negotiator."

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Joe Manchin has no idea what he's talking about