Joe Rogan reveals he has COVID -- and took a 'kitchen sink' drug cocktail including ivermectin
Commentator Joe Rogan looks on during the UFC Fight Night event at Prudential Center on April 18, 2015, in Newark, New Jersey. - Alex Trautwig/Getty Images North America/TNS

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan revealed on Wednesday that he's come down with COVID-19 -- and he's taking a wide cocktail of drugs to treat it, including ivermectin.

Vice News reports that Rogan revealed his diagnosis in a video in which he appeared "exhausted."

In the video, Rogan explains how he rushed to treat himself with as many drugs as possible.

"We immediately threw the kitchen sink at it," he said. "Monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, Z-Pak, prednisone."

In fact, ivermectin is not recommended as a treatment for COVID-19, as science officials say there has not been nearly enough research into its effectiveness as a treatment.

All the same, Rogan said the cocktails left him feeling "like a new man," writes Vice.

Vice's report notes that Rogan has drawn criticism for hosting several vaccine skeptics on his podcast, including notorious anti-vaxxer Alex Berenson.

Rogan has also told fans he'll pay for their fake vaccination cards if they are dealing with businesses that have vaccine passport systems.

"If someone has an ideological or physiological reason for not getting vaccinated," he said, "I don't want to force them to get vaccinated to see a f*cking stupid comedy show."